Rock the Office Session at Zytomed Systems

Claudia, Art Director - Zytomed Systems
We had a wonderful diverting evening and simply a lot of fun during the session. The whole process - from finding lyrics to playing our song in a real studio athmosphere was really exciting, enriching and fun. Thanks for taking into consideration our limited timeframe and adjusting your concept to our needs. The best part was when everyone was enthusiastically singing our song at the end of the session. Thanks for this wonderful experience. Keep on!
Kind Regards, Your "Zytos"


Thorsten, Sales Representative - PayPal

Rock the Office was so much fun - it was exciting to be part of the songwriting and recording process. Our diverse team connected well from the very beginning and developed harmonic collaboration. We are all "Music Rookies" and were able to create music with the simplified methods of this course. Without any prior experience we were able to find a rhythm, write lyrics and a fitting melody. We are all very proud of the result and convinced we created a chart hit ;-)

We were full of motivation and energy due to your sympathetic approach and your level of experience. 

Time went by really fast but in the end it was great to see that we created something that will always remind us of this course. 

I hope you are going to broaden many peoples horizon with this session.


Marcus, Head of Advanced Analytics and Data Science - WifOR

It was simply great. Not too long, not too short.  All parts (Instruments, Lyrics, Singing) had optimum balance.

 It was an exciting experience.